About Global Recourse

Founded in 2017, Global Recourse guides organisations, teams and individuals through difficult or complex situations. We can help you turn the seemingly awful into genuinely awesome opportunities for growth, development, stability and resilience.

We work with you to develop and transform business operations, policies and processes. We can guide you to set up structures with governance best practice. By blending agile ways of working, team development workshops and various mentoring programmes, we can enhance your staff experience throughout the entire employee lifecycle.

A thriving organisation relies on behaviours that promote stability, resilience, robustness, flexibility and performance. That’s why we take a human-centred approach – allowing people the space to think, to be curious, and to grow.

Let us be a catalyst for growth and evolution within your organisation.

About Annekatrin Madlung

Annekatrin Madlung

Annekatrin Madlung

Founder, Strategic Operations Consultant, Mentor and Workshop Facilitator

I founded Global Recourse because I believe that tough situations at work can present incredible opportunities for everyone involved – if the process is handled sensitively. When organisations put their people first, they can become happier, healthier and, crucially, more effective.

I’ve worked with multinational global human rights and humanitarian aid organisations for more than 25 years, both as an employee and as a consultant. Over the course of my career, I’ve learnt how systems affect the people working within them, and how people affect systems. I realised where organisations and people can get stuck – and how things could turn challenging. I saw the link between behaviours, values and organisational structures. It screamed complexity if not crisis sometimes.

In 2016, I left Amnesty International after working there for 18 years, and within a year founded my own consultancy, Global Recourse. Today, I specialise in enhancing the effectiveness of organisations, teams and individuals by blending business capability modelling, team development workshops and mentoring.

Ultimately, people are at the heart of everything we do at Global Recourse. If you choose to work with me, you can expect to be a valued partner in the process. I will work side by side with you, listening to your concerns, exploring ideas together – and growing together, too.

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Annekatrin listened to us, understood our concerns and guided us through our goals. She made us realise where we are, what’s still work in progress and what we can realistically do. Hélène, workshop attendee, CHS-Alliance

Annekatrin’s diligence, commitment and professionalism ensured that not only did the organisation maintain appropriate standards in respect to duty of care, but continued to improve these further.

With a commitment second-to-none, Annekatrin is utterly reliable, always supportive, and adds real value to organisational development aims. Toby Woodbridge, Head of Global Security, Amnesty International

Our Approach

We know from experience that your organisation and your teams are different from everyone else’s. We look at the whole system, the relationships that drive it, and the people who are at its centre. As an organisation you rely on your teams to deliver your goals. By understanding the needs of your organisation and your people, we can make an impact, externally and internally.

Our approach is simple.


We LISTEN to you to discover and understand what you need. We will ask questions to get to the root causes of your challenges.


We ANALYSE the information you give us and map the data out systematically for you. We will join the dots and build the bigger picture.


We COLLABORATE with you to co-create workable, practical solutions that make you more effective and achieve your vision. We will dare you to explore opportunities and possibilities. We will become your catalyst for sparking ideas and spurring transformations that put people first. Together with you, we will see what is required, who needs to be involved and when.


We EMBED new ways of thinking, working, behaviours, systems and processes holistically across your organisation. We provide a structure to what needs to be done and help you realise it sustainably.

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