Giving, Receiving and Asking for Feedback

Giving, Receiving and Asking for Feedback

Online Open Course

We all need feedback to help us grow, build on our strengths and collaborate and deliver better as teams.

If we want to be successful leaders, feedback is a communication skill, we must have.

If we want to become resilient, learning organisations that keep growing, then feedback processes and skills are essential.

Yet most of us find feedback processes awkward, if not totally terrifying. It doesn’t have to be this way, though. With practice, you can develop this muscle, increase your awareness, and learn how to improve your ability to give, receive and ask for feedback.

I can help you do this with my open online course: Giving, Receiving and Asking for Feedback.


Global Recourse has designed the core of these feedback courses so that they are ready to deliver immediately. We can also customise these courses to be delivered to your organisation, and for your particular situation. Please get in touch and we will be happy to create a bespoke programme with you.

Annekatrin listened to us, understood our concerns and guided us through our goals. She made us realise where we are, what’s still work in progress and what we can realistically do. Annekatrin provided useful resources, and this helped me systematise giving feedback. This was a great learning and growing experience.Hélène, CHS-Alliance (2021)

The entire process of taking and giving constructive feedback, on the basis of trust is a very key aspect to ensure productivity as well as a healthy work culture. What was truly helpful was the practical aspects of implementing healthy feedback into our day-to-day work lives that was an important lesson learnt for me.

P. (2022)

I learnt many things from the sessions. The biggest one for me is how to give and receive critical feedback. As the Regional Director, I also need to give not-so-positive feedback and receive it. I feel more confident doing that now.  Yamini Mishra, Amnesty International (2022)