Mentoring can have a powerful impact on an individual’s professional and personal growth. Our mentoring process enables people to develop and become stronger, more resilient and more curious. We offer business start-up, group, peer and individual mentoring programmes.


  • Gain an advocate who will be a consistent source of support and encouragement.
  • Have a readily available sounding board.
  • Get advice on how to develop your business.
  • Seek advice and support on a specific topic, such as team working, dealing with difficult people, becoming more visible and impactful.
  • Learn how to establish a mentoring culture in your organisation.
  • Discover how to implement a peer mentoring programme in your organisation.


  • Gain new perspectives and explore new opportunities.
  • Develop the courage and confidence to realise your ideas.
  • Successfully transition into your role at work.
  • Enhance your career potential or identify new career paths.
  • Develop leadership skills.

I am Bonnie from BActivePilates and before I met Annekatrin I was finding it hard to define how my business stands out, consolidate my USP and how I could be more efficient in my administration processes. From our first communication, she helped me to identify the priorities, what I wanted to focus on and why these were important, which enabled me to get the most out of our mentoring sessions. After sessions with Annekatrin, I was equipped with some practical resources and advice to support my thinking, and was able to take immediate action towards my goals. When I contacted Annekatrin between mentoring sessions she always responded quickly and offered advice and feedback. I am still in touch with Annekatrin and feel I have already achieved so much in just 6 weeks. Having an outside perspective was incredibly helpful and I have already taken forward many suggestions. I highly recommend Annekatrin if you want some help navigating your business ideas to support your growth and development. She is passionate, knowledgeable and brings a huge wealth of experience and takes a genuine interest in supporting your business needs.
Bonnie Ruddock
Founder / Pilates Instructor

I am incredibly grateful for Annekatrin’s business mentorship through the Government Help to Grow Programme. I joined the program to build a Growth Action Plan for my organisation and for myself, with the goal of building confidence in my leadership skills, exploring tools to deal with challenges, and expanding my knowledge.

Annekatrin helped me achieve all of these goals and more. She generously shared her wealth of knowledge, skills, and experience.

Annekatrin was a great sounding board! With her warm-hearted and positive personality and practical approach she helped me see opportunities in challenges. She provided me with the resources and contacts in her network that I needed to succeed.

I particularly asked Annekatrin about her expertise in Well-being operations and improving Staff Experience. As we built the Growth Action Plan and talked through its components, Annekatrin helped me see the bigger picture. I realised where and how Well-being and wider Staff Experience ought to be included strategically in various parts of the plan to ensure they are interlinked and build on each other strategically to effect strategic integration and sustainable implementation.

I would highly recommend Annekatrin to anyone who is looking for a business mentor and coach. She is truly inspiring.
Sama Kiki
Executive Director

My mentoring with Global Recourse was fantastic, I had been a bit sceptical beforehand but was really impressed by what we were able to achieve in a short time. Annekatrin’s observations were spot-on and very insightful; it has helped me make great progress with my business. Highly recommended.
Natalie Teare, Bespoke Jeweller, Natalie Teare

I’ve worked with Annekatrin as part of the Small and Mighty Programme.

I’ve had two sessions, the first being a group one where Annekatrin gave a clear outline on how this would work and kept us on time so we all had not only an equal amount of time to raise our issues but also that we had equal time to comment and offer suggestions on the other participants’ issues.

My 1:1 was fabulous. Listening in detail to what I wanted to progress and what I had looked at so far but then adding ideas on how to take not only this forward and grow it but also other ideas on how to take my business forward.

Also Putting me in touch with other people who may be able to assist me.

I would have no hesitation not only recommending Annekatrin but also working with her again.
Ruth Redgate, Owner and Master Baker, Honeypot Cottage Bakery

During our mentoring sessions either one to one or as a group Annekatrin was very encouraging, enabling me to run with my ideas and then realise the potential gains I would get without making it feel like a chore. Annekatrin is a walking library of business knowledge and full of positive energy that is so contagious.
Kim Palmer, Jeweller, Cross My Palm Designs

I had the privilege of receiving business mentoring from Annekatrin and the session that I received was so encouraging and motivating! Annekatrin’s guidance and insights were extremely valuable. She not only shared her extensive knowledge but also provided practical advice to help with my specific needs and concerns. She listened very carefully to my problems, very quickly understood why I had them and reassured me in ways that were very positive and helpful. Her enthusiasm and passion for helping me succeed was evident throughout our time together. Thanks to Annekatrin, I now feel much more confident about how to promote and tell people about my business and I am very grateful.

I also had the privilege of participating in a group mentoring session led by Annekatrin and I am very grateful for her incredible guidance and support. Annekatrin’s encouragement and attentive listening created a comfortable and open environment where I was happy to share and learn. Her calm and structured approach ensured that the session was well organised and valuable, leaving me with ideas and inspiration to work towards telling clients about my services. I am very grateful for Annekatrin’s time, assistance, and knowledge.
Hannah Wilson, Advanced Neuromusculoskeletal Physiotherapist, Pain Relief Physiotherapy

I attended two mentoring sessions with Annekatrin: a 1-2-1 and a group session.

During both sessions, Annekatrin provided me with helpful advice and guidance which I could easily apply to my business. Attending the group mentoring session helped me to gain a different perspective on my business, with the added bonus of making new connections.

I would recommend Annekatrin to any entrepreneur who is facing challenges and needs practical support to move their business forwards.
Sybil Mayard, Freelance Webdesigner and Developer, Sybiltec

Annekatrin has an uncanny ability to keep you on track and focussed. She is dedicated and passionate about helping entrepreneurs realise their potential.

I’ve greatly appreciated her council in my own business and would recommend her to anyone looking for mentorship as they embark upon their entrepreneurial journey!
Duncan Casey, Actor, Producer & Writer / Founder & Director of Copper Sprocket Ltd

I have been in business for over 25 years but still sometimes can get stuck in the weeds. I wasn’t sure how much benefit I would get from the mentoring session with Annekatrin but it was like switching on a light, so that I could see which direction to go in. Annekatrin very quickly understood my business and my issues, and gave me some really great suggestions to help me focus. Implementing these suggestions has made a huge difference to me and I’m getting more done as a result. I am sure I will be back in the future!
Chantal Wellavize, Founder and Executive Director, HR on Tap

Early in my career I was fortunate enough to be mentored by Annekatrin. From the outset she offered her experience and wisdom at the same time as encouraging my autonomy and development. She helped me understand my role and responsibilities at the same time as navigating the culture of the team and organisation. She made the difficult stuff easy for me and is a force of good energy that can manage the most complex of challenges with enthusiasm and a solutions focus. Smita Nath

As someone who has been on a 1-on-1 mentoring journey with Annekatrin, I can absolutely recommend her mentorship programme. As my mentor, she was a great source of guidance and support for me early on in my career, helping me transition into my new role, gain confidence in the workplace, understand and positively approach any conflict with my manager, and generally find my feet in my new environment. Her approach is not only grounded in the breadth of her experience, but also deep compassion and genuine interest to listen, guide and support her mentees in whatever issue or situation they are struggling with.Michaela Bútorová

Annekatrin’s guidance has contributed to a huge part of my career in London and helped grow me professionally. She is one of the best mentors I have ever met!E.S.

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