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A Comprehensive Review of the Staff Working Experience

About ARTICLE 19

ARTICLE 19 is an international human rights organisation working exclusively on issues of freedom of expression and access to information. They do this by working on two interlocking freedoms: the Freedom to Speak, and the Freedom to Know. When either of these freedoms come under threat, ARTICLE 19 speaks with one voice through research, campaigning and international advocacy, working from nine regional hubs and delivering change through local as well as international influence.

The Requirement

In 2019, ARTICLE 19 needed to step back and reflect on how best to organise ourselves to accommodate a period of rapid growth. Several change vectors had come together from managing culture change, physical changes to the office environment and greater requirements for security and the well-being of our staff.

We approached Annekatrin Madlung of Global Recourse to develop and deliver a thorough, inclusive and informed review of how ARTICLE 19 staff work. The holistic approach would allow us to bring together elements such as well-being, security and agile work practices.

The Solution

We asked Annekatrin to design and undertake a survey of staff needs, analyse the responses and write a report on the findings. Annekatrin developed the questions and monitored the responses using an online survey platform. It was essential that staff responses remained anonymous due to the scope of the questions. The survey canvassed staff on subjects such as IT requirements, knowledge management and security requirements, well-being issues, team and other collaborative work and work-life balance.

The Results

During the assignment, Annekatrin’s insights and high levels of professionalism helped to shift our thinking and focus our efforts. She produced an extensive summary of the feedback from staff which was handled with integrity and respect at all stages of the process. Annekatrin maintained confidentiality and trust between her role as consultant, our staff and the Senior Management Team.

Her report summary addressed both quantitative and qualitative aspects of the data gathered in the survey. We then asked her to work with the Senior Management Team to help shape our priorities on the basis of her recommendations and develop an implementation plan.

Annekatrin’s recommendations focussed on the potential benefits to ARTICLE 19 of placing agile working and well-being at the centre of our resourcing strategy. Her work helped to pave the way for development of an operational strategy (2021/22) which is due to be implemented over the next four years. The fresh approach to agile working and well-being saw both staff and donors very appreciative of ARTICLE 19’s approach during the difficult months of the COVID-19 pandemic of (2020-21) in particular.

Sara Wilbourne
Director of Communications and Campaigns
Article 19
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