Workshops & Team Development

Your organisation needs teams to deliver your goals. Support your people by understanding and attending to their needs. By hosting a space for creation and through facilitated conversation, your teams can communicate respectfully, develop their curiosity and collaborate more effectively. We can facilitate conversations focused on teaching and training, on new ways of working or on difficult topics within your team. We can also design and facilitate team development workshops with our partners, bringing you extra expertise as and when required. Below are some of the workshops we have developed and delivered:

Below are examples of the workshops we have developed and delivered:

  • Team development
  • Agile ways of working based on the Heart of Agile by Alistair Cockburn
  • Creating humane and safe spaces to open difficult conversations
  • Giving, requesting and receiving feedback
  • Developing a culture of feedback, including performance reviews

We can also deliver and facilitate training and workshops developed by your organisation. Annekatrin can deliver training in both English and German. If you have a concept for a training programme that you wish to discuss, we’d love to hear about it – please get in touch.

As someone who has only joined the team relatively recently, I feel like the workshop helped to bring us together closer as a team and reflect on what’s important to us in terms of our work and how we work. Workshop attendee, Global Interagency Security Forum

Working on google docs was a great idea. It was very well organised, structured – a lot of variation in the topics and types of activities. You made it fun!C.S., Global Interagency Security Forum

I enjoyed the pace and the use of different methodologies, including fun exercises, that had an underlying purpose. H.H., Global Interagency Security Forum

I enjoyed the mix of formal/informal exercises. During plenary discussions, I felt that the feedback provided by the facilitator was very relevant and honest which helped conversations moving forward.  Really good use of the google doc as well! L.M., Global Interagency Security Forum

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Whether you’re an organisation or an individual, Global Recourse offers a range of services to suit your needs. From advice on building effective large-scale organisational systems to providing individual mentoring, we have the skills to support and guide you. We will always work in partnership with you, side by side – sharing and learning in the process.

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